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Safety. Security. Peace of mind. These are important things that every homeowner deserves to have. When you think about how best to protect your home, family, and property, consider a professionally installed video security camera system with 24/7 monitoring. Today’s multi megapixel video security camera systems provide crystal clear video day or night, along with a wide range of convenient features that enable you to monitor and manage your cameras and video footage, whether you are at home or halfway around the world.

The Importance of 24/7 Protection

While criminals can break into a home at any time, most home break-ins actually happen during daylight hours, when most people are at work. But even when you're not home, your video security camera system is always working to keep an eye on your Greensboro, NC property, and to alert you and local first responders if an incident were to occur. At Business Improvement Technologies we offer reliable, affordable security camera systems with the latest technology and 24/7 monitoring, to keep Greensboro, NC homeowners and their families safe.

Secure Your Home with Professionally Installed Video Security

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Your Trusted Greensboro, NC Security Partner

There are many types of home security systems in the marketplace, available from a variety of sources – building contractors, online, or even big box stores. But to ensure that your family and your home get the most reliable, best performing protection, it’s important to source your video security system from a trusted partner. Business Improvement Technologies has many years of experience providing video security for Greensboro, NC families, and our custom designed home surveillance camera systems and security monitoring services offer state-of-the-art features.

The Latest Security Technology

Our security camera systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and results. Multi megapixel cameras provide crisp, detailed images for facial recognition and court admissible video evidence. They also feature user-friendly interfaces, multiple recording modes, remote viewing, easy video downloading and more. And our expert technicians will provide a detailed walkthrough, showing you how to get the most from your camera system’s features, so you can use it with full confidence.

Easy To Customize

No two homes are identical. We make sure that your video security system is exactly what you need. We begin every job by walking the entire property and determining the right equipment and camera placement for optimal protection. Then we review your solution in detail with you. No matter what your application, we can customize a video security solution for you.

High Resolution Video

Lack of solid evidence is one of the primary reasons that many Greensboro, NC burglaries end up going unsolved. But with a home video security system that captures multi megapixel high-resolution video, you’ll get crisp images that enable you to zoom in on all the details. So you'll have the forensic data you need for facial identification and court-admissible evidence. And if you currently have an older security camera system in your home, now is the time to upgrade to the latest technology. A new system from Business Improvement Technologies will be light years ahead in quality, compared to the grainy video footage of years past.

Remote Monitoring

With today's home security technology, not only is your video camera system connected to a 24/7 monitoring service that will dispatch authorities whenever they’re needed, you’re also able to monitor your home from anywhere – even if you’re halfway around the globe. A modern video security system can be accessed remotely via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Overseas and worried about your home back in Greensboro, NC? It's quick and easy to log on and make sure everything is okay.

Insurance Savings – Home video security systems can even lower your insurance premiums, with many insurance companies offering significant discounts to homeowners who have a video security system professionally installed.

The areas that should be considered when planning your security system are the locations most commonly used by thieves when they're targeting your home: the front door, back door, back yard and garage.

Front Door

Believe it or not, the front door is the number one entry point for burglars. Most people assume that thieves attempt to enter through windows, but 34 percent of break-ins involve entry through the front door. As such, a security camera with a clear view of your home’s main entry point is a must. Some considerations:

  • A camera mounted on the eaves of your roof, facing towards the front door, can provide the best view of those attempting to enter your home.
  • A varifocal camera can be adjusted in terms of focal length and field of view, ensuring that you get a clear, unobstructed view.
  • In locations where cameras can easily be reached, it's important to use vandal-resistant cameras. These ruggedly built cameras provide protection against tampering and physical impact from thieves who may try to vandalize them in order to avoid being captured on video.
  • Additional cameras situated near the front door can also capture anyone attempting to enter through first floor front windows, another common entry point for thieves.

Back Door

The second most commonly used access point? Not surprisingly, it’s the back door. It’s less likely that a neighbor or passerby will see the thief if they enter the home this way. And just as with the front door, installing a camera in the optimal location is critical for monitoring this vulnerable entry point and keeping your home safe.

  • Again, appropriate camera placement is a must. Cameras can be installed on the roof or the eaves of the home, angled towards the back door and the back entryway.
  • Vandal resistant cameras may be needed here, too, to stand up to any physical impact or attempts at vandalism.
  • Over time, views become can become obstructed in your backyard due to overgrowth of foliage. Make sure to keep landscaping and shrubbery trimmed away from your back door, so that your cameras can capture clear images of the area.

Back Yard

It's not just your back door that thieves will target. Sliding glass patio doors, French doors and first floor windows are common entry points. So it’s vital to ensure that you protect your home's back yard.

  • High resolution infrared (IR) cameras provide low light and nighttime surveillance capabilities. The back yard is an area that thieves target more commonly at night, so having the ability to get clear nighttime footage is critical.
  • The back yard is commonly targeted by thieves because homeowners tend to store big ticket items there. Items like grills, lawn equipment and tools are easy to steal, and easy to fence or pawn. Make sure to keep access points to your back yard locked whenever possible, and to install a professional security camera system to monitor your back yard and storage areas.


Another area that represents an attractive target for thieves is the garage. Often left unlocked and sometimes housing expensive items, the garage may be broken into even while the main portion of the home is left untouched. In fact, garage break-ins can occur even while homeowners are inside their home, completely unaware of what's happening right beside them.

  • Keep garage doors locked even when you are home, and don't leave a vehicle in the driveway unlocked if it has a garage door opener in it. These are easy ways to invite thieves into your garage.
  • Install a video security camera in a location that has a clear view of your garage door and your driveway. This covers the entrance areas for the garage and can help deter break-ins and theft.
  • Consider using motion detection recording that triggers whenever movement is detected. This can save you time, eliminating the need to comb through hours of video footage - and reduces data storage requirements for your video recorder.

It's important to understand that simply DIY installing some basic video security cameras and a recorder isn't enough to ensure adequate security. Your video security system must be planned and installed properly to function as it’s intended. At Business Improvement Technologies, we know that every Greensboro, NC home is unique. Our professional team can evaluate your home and design a system that is customized specifically for your property’s footprint and security vulnerabilities. Camera type, camera placement, recorder capacity, cabling and a host of other factors come into play to ensure that you get maximum protection.

Protecting your Greensboro, NC home is incredibly important to you, and to us as well. With the latest video security technology, multi megapixel cameras and security recorders, and surveillance professionals who know exactly how to set up your system for maximum effectiveness, Business Improvement Technologies is ready to help you put a security plan in place to protect your family, your home and your property.


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