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Video Surveillance

Protect your business, property, employees, and family in Greensboro, NC with a video surveillance camera, even when you're not around.

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Amber Ramos, Child's World Daycare

After experiencing a break-in, this day care center in Wilmington North Carolina felt nervous about their safety. Our great customer services and local roots helped this business know we were the perfect fit. Check out why she said her daycare needed a video surveillance system.

Jody Taylor, Classic Colors Paint & Body

After having numerous items go missing, this business owner decided he needed to do something about it. See why this customer chose Business Improvement Technologies above other competitors in Greensboro, NC.

David Richardson, Goldwayne Motors Co.

Having a system that isn't up to date can hinder your safety and prevent the police from gaining useful evidence. Find out how this man made the right decision by choosing Business Improvement Technologies in Greensboro, NC.

Rhonda Douglas, Southern Wood Products

Security issues led this woodshop company to us. Since then, they have remained loyal customers for years. See why this woman has nothing but good things to say about our work.

Custom Security Solutions for Greensboro, NC

Every project has a unique design requirement, and we are ready to create a custom security solution that will help protect your business or home.

The surveillance tool you need to deter theft, monitor property, and keep your loved ones safe.

Business Improvement Technologies protects your property, family, and business with an enhanced video surveillance system. Our video systems film and store video footage at your command. Gain peace of mind knowing your employees or family members are being monitored, even when you're not around. Business Improvement Technologies offers a variety of high-quality video cameras that give you a crystal-clear picture of what's going on. Knowing who's coming and going is a valuable tool that our timestamped videos provide. Deter theft, abuse, vandalism, harassment, and more with Business Improvement Technologies's video surveillance.

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Record in real time for a comprehensive surveillance solution.

Document potential criminal activity and increase safety with audio security. Video Surveillance is extremely valuable to your safety, but only having visual proof leaves room for speculation. By adding audio to your security camera, you don't have to play a guessing game. Avoid lawsuits, and false accusations with audio implementation. With Business Improvement Technologies's audio security system there is no "he said, she said," instead, you'll have an exact recording of the event that occurred. Besides aiding video, the addition of audio capabilities can catch unseen danger.

Leave your home or business knowing your property is protected, enjoy remote access facility monitoring.

Business Improvement Technologies's engineers create custom designed security intrusion systems specific for your needs. An intrusion alarm is a system that detects the intrusion of any unauthorized entry. Our perimeter services include intrusion detection, access control, multi-site systems, mobile device management, door access control, and instant notifications. These services are designed to detect an outside presence and simultaneously communicate the event to your designated authority. Adding intrusion systems to your commercial or residential property gives you protection and monitoring abilities. Add an additional level of protection to your estate with an intrusion system.

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BIT customizes your security, so you can focus on what matters, your business.

Remotely automate business systems such as door access control, thermostat management, surveillance monitoring, and alarm control. Running a business is hard work, let us take some of the workload off your shoulders. Business Improvement Technologies's business security automation system provides the extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands that you've been needing. Protect your business even when you're not around from your smartphone, laptop, and other devices. With business automation you can truly protect your business around the clock. Run a stress-free environment and allow BIT to automate your system today.

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Lower monthly energy bills and control your energy resources. Cut costs with Business Improvement Technologies's energy management system.

Save time, money, and energy with BIT's energy management system. Energy management systems allow you to monitor and program your property's lights, air conditioning, thermostat, and more during hours of operation. Remotely regulate it all with your smartphone and take control of your energy with Business Improvement Technologies.

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